How do we work?

We work based on a clear process with all projects we are involved in. Everything to create a successful strategy that leads us forward to a final product that meets the needs of your business.
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Our working process*

We organize a workshop where you get a chance to introduce us to your world. We take note of what you tell us about the business, take part in your business concept, business goals and existing brand profile. We are happy to look at and analyze all the digital channels you currently use: website and social media. Together, we draw up a plan where you decide what you would like our project to result in. Based on that, we as a company create a document (brief) that you take part in and approve. We then sign an agreement and can proceed to the next step.
We want to take a closer look at your competitors. What interests us is how the competitors use their digital resources. We analyze and bring out everything that is characteristic and important for your industry. We think through how your business can distinguish itself and stand out from the competition.
Our goal is to create digital products that are user-friendly. Therefore, we strive to have constant contact with several representatives of your target group. We are happy to keep in touch with several test persons that you yourself suggest, but we also offer that we recruit users who fit in with your target group and represent it in the best way. We learn about the user, but also the context in which they use your digital product. We ask about technology users benefit from on a daily basis and what internet habits they have.
We work on a platform that enables projects to be shared with you within your company. You gain insights into our work and have the opportunity to comment on every detail of the design. When we are ready with the design, we will contact you to get a final opinion on the result. At the same time, we also show the prototype to test users and collect their opinions and experiences.
We divide the design process into the following phases: exploration, idea generation, prototyping, testing and refinement of the design. Design is an iterative process which means we take a step back in order to improve the design. We adapt design methods based on the nature of the project: because there are so many different approaches to produce a new, digital product that helps your business grow.
When you have decided that you are satisfied with the design, we start coding it. When we are ready with your digital product, we will contact you to ensure that everything works as it should. After that, we are ready to launch your product.

We hand over the product together with a guide on how you can administer it. However, if you think you need more support with website administration, you are welcome to contact us at any time. We will be more than happy to help you!
* The design of the project may have different forms based on the needs and resources of a specific assignment.

What can we offer?

“With our skills, 
we offer complete 
digital solutions.”
Digital products are our speciality. We can design a completely new web service or redesign an existing one. It is enough that you have an idea about your business and we will help you transform it into a digital solution that will help you run your business successfully.

While we create sketches and prototypes we invite you to be involved in the process from the very beginning so that you can influence the design of the final product. We design not only websites or web services but also the details like icons, illustrations. Everything to ensure that your solution is unique and that it stands out on the market. Another thing we are passionate about is to create brand profiles, we help you bring about the right graphic identity for your business.

We involve users and test our solutions early in the design process to ensure that we capture what is important and turn it into a digital product that meets the needs of your business and your target group. We deliver complete web solutions as well as web administration and website optimization if necessary.

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